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1 November 2011

You Look Familiar, But I’ve Forgotten Your Name

People forget birthdays, anniversaries, names and meetings. The list goes on. So, why should someone remember your business? Just because you provide a good product or service at a good price with excellent staff doesn’t mean customers will be back. But, it may not be intentional; chances are they just forgot. To keep from becoming […]

12 September 2011
Advertising, Branding

The “I Need More Customers” Checklist

When my coffee maker quit making coffee, I found the manual and started going through the checklist to diagnose the problem. So, if there is a checklist for coffee makers, why not one for neighborhood businesses that don’t generate enough customers? So, after a little background, I’ll give you one. Where Things Go Wrong Think […]

What is a Neighborhood Marketing Center?

Editors Note: The Neighborhood Marketing Center has been renamed BubbleLife Connect. My son is on Facebook everyday and never on email. I’m on email all the time and seldom on Facebook. My wife surfs the web each morning to find her news. My brother-in-law doesn’t surf the web but uses Twitter to keep up with […]