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24 April 2014
Social Media

Facebook is Filtering News Feeds. Is Your Page Getting Noticed?

News is out that Facebook has altered its algorithms in an attempt to more accurately filter users’ News Feeds, showcasing only the most relevant and interesting content by analyzing posts on about 100,000 various factors. While these new developments are great for personal News Feeds, the side effect for many brands using Facebook as a […]

22 January 2014
Social Media

Here’s Why Your Business Should Use Instagram

Social media sites like Instagram may seem like a place exclusively for young people to connect with friends, but more and more businesses are registering accounts and using the site as a platform for gaining new customers. Instagram, a site that allows users to share photos with those who or subscribe to — or follow […]

10 December 2013
Social Media

What are Hashtags and How Do I Use Them?

Though sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have been around for several years now, scores of new users representing small businesses and organizations are taking to the wide realm of social media to share news and information about their company. But despite the millions of daily users who seem to have these platforms figured […]

20 August 2013

Glossary: Common Terms in Social Media and Advertising

Awareness — The ability of a random customer to identify a business by name and product or service. B2B — Business-to-business. A term used when one business sells goods or services to other businesses. B2C — Business-to-consumer. A term used when a business sells goods or services to individuals. Banner Ad — An advertisement that runs on a website or in a newsletter […]

6 August 2013

What Should I Put on Pinterest?

So you want to get a Pinterest. Or rather, your business does. It’s a good move. The more visual content you’ve got floating around on the web promoting your goods and services, the more opportunities you have to direct potential customers back to your storefront or online store. Pinterest is a great tool because of […]

What is Content Repurposing?

So, you write an article. You’ve concluded that it’s interesting, informative and beneficial to existing and potential clients. Now what? Once you’ve distributed an article, it’s easy to forget about the work you’ve already done and move on to the next project in your marketing strategy. However, you’ve already put in the effort to create […]

28 July 2013

What Should I Put on Twitter?

Let’s start with the basics: your Twitter bio (which can be only 160 characters or less) should include your business’ city and a very brief description of what the company does. Like we’ve discussed before, include relevant keywords in your bio so that if a customer were to search “plumber Dallas family owned,” for example, […]

28 July 2013

What Should I Put on LinkedIn?

The primary social media site for use by professionals is LinkedIn. The site offers opportunities for individuals to network, find jobs and even conduct business, but many people are unsure of what they should post after they get their profiles created. Here are a few recommendations of good things to post to LinkedIn, which can […]

What Should I Put on Facebook?

Facebook — needless to say, this tool has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve already created a Facebook page for your small business. If you don’t have one, get one NOW! Your business’ Facebook page can be a powerful, efficient and (most importantly) free way to […]

22 July 2013
Content, Social Media

How Can I Get Word-of-Mouth Sharing with My Content?

Think about the last time you shared a link through email or Facebook. What was it about? It’s likely that you shared it because you found it interesting and assumed others would, too. Consider this when you write content. Readers are more likely to share information they find helpful, humorous or inspiring. As a local business […]