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As traditional media pulled back from local coverage, local news didn’t go away — it just spread out among hundreds of websites, blogs and Facebook pages, or got lost in big city coverage. BubbleLife is putting these pieces back together to give local communities their own distinct identity and coverage. But, not quite the same way it was…

There are too many great local stories for one publication to cover. BubbleLife leverages technology to bring all the various news sources together. Then, BubbleLife provides unique tools for readers, local organizations and businesses that make it easy to contribute. Finally, BubbleLife community editors work to promote local stories and help contributors use best practices so their content is useful, relevant and, most importantly, read.

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BubbleLife readership is as diverse as your community. Parents, teachers, business owners, realtors, professionals, city officials are more all have become avid BubbleLife readers.

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In addition to our automated news search engine and our editorial staff, a large amount of BubbleLife’s content comes from community contributors including local:

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