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BubbleLife Local Advertising

BubbleLife will provide online and email exposure to thousands of people daily in your selected BubbleLife communities by leveraging our daily email newsletters and online news websites. Our audience is the “hard-to-reach” segment that is educated, affluent and considered “movers and shakers” in their community.

Demographically, our readers align with many advertisers’ most sought after audiences: female (62%), with children (50%), age 35-55 (48%), income of $100,000+ (40%), college educated (52%), and post graduate educated (20%).

With BubbleLife’s social approach to news and high repetition of delivery, our advertising provides local consistency and prominence deep into a community to a prime audience that relies on BubbleLife to find and share their local news. Plus, the ability to complement BubbleLife advertising with content gives advertisers an unbeatable advantage to build their local reputation.

BubbleLife has more than 250 community sites focused in the United States. Each community has a different readership and can be targeted uniquely.

A Proven Local Solution – Guaranteed!*
Our Unique Approach to Local Advertising

Our unique approach of combining local news, online digital display advertising and mobile advertising by email,  provides a level and quality of digital exposure, that other locally-focused newspapers, magazines, websites and media can’t provide. BubbleLife Advertising reaches customers no matter where they spend their digital time.

Mobile & Email Ads

Over 40% of BubbleLife readers come from their mobile phone. BubbleLife advertising includes our daily email newsletter, which offers the easiest way to reach these mobile customers. We use the customers’ inbox to deliver strong branding and call-to-action exposure for advertisers.

Online Display Ads

BubbleLife provides display banner ads on local news websites. These modern billboards are situated in a prime location, alongside neighborhood news. Our 24/7 traffic delivers strong, consistent, local awareness.

Quality Audience

Our social news approach attracts the movers and shakers interested in making their community better. Neighbors, mothers, PTAs, schools, local businesses and community leaders depend on BubbleLife to find and share their neighborhoods news.

Hyperlocal Reach

Your customers are online visiting hundreds of different websites. BubbleLife brings all of a community’s local news together in one place, providing superior hyper local reach. The audience’s common denominator is where they live which yields affordable GEO targeting.

Ad Tracking

BubbleLife Connect’s monitoring feature will be included to provide the number of times your ad has been shown as well as the number of times a reader has clicked to learn more. A/B testing for multiple ads available to see to gage the response of different messages.


BubbleLife is purposely affordable to provide a local business with a foundation for consistent local visibility. Don’t be mislead to believe that an expensive splash of short term advertising will bring customers in the door. Consistency matters.