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What is Content Repurposing?

So, you write an article. You’ve concluded that it’s interesting, informative and beneficial to existing and potential clients. Now what? Once you’ve distributed an article, it’s easy to forget about the work you’ve already done and move on to the next project in your marketing strategy. However, you’ve already put in the effort to create […]

22 July 2013

Why Isn’t Word-of-Mouth Enough?

Many small business owners rely heavily, if not solely, on word-of-mouth advertising. Often, this is because many feel they lack the knowledge and time to execute a marketing plan. Yes, word-of-mouth is free and effective, but in order to make it work, you have to constantly remind people to promote your company, and even then […]

6 March 2013
Branding, Storefront

Learn How to Increase Sales in 12 Minutes

Want to close more business and for higher amounts? This is one of the best primers on selling, I’ve seen in a long time. Great techniques simply explained in less than 12 minutes.  

What Does a Mature Marketing Effort Look Like?

We are often asked what should I be doing for marketing? The short answer is “as much as you have time and budget for” with the mature marketing plan look something like diagram below. But, before you panic or turn away, you need to remember that BubbleLife has built its whole technology platform around delivering […]

1 August 2012

One Easy Way to Get a Repeat Customer – Guaranteed!

Ask. It really is that simple, yet surprisingly few businesses take the time to ask their customers to come back either during their first visit or later after they’ve left. Asking for a repeat visit is simple and there are a variety of ways to ask including: Providing a return visit coupon Posting on Facebook […]

11 September 2010

Why All Customers Are Not Created Equal?

When planning your marketing strategy, it helps to have a primary goal that you want to accomplish. For most businesses this primary goal is typically “more customers”. However, this may be a misdirected or incomplete strategy. For example, some customers: Spend more than others Are easier to service Generate more repeat business Generate more referrals […]