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Facebook is Filtering News Feeds. Is Your Page Getting Noticed?

News is out that Facebook has altered its algorithms in an attempt to more accurately filter users’ News Feeds, showcasing only the most relevant and interesting content by analyzing posts on about 100,000 various factors.

While these new developments are great for personal News Feeds, the side effect for many brands using Facebook as a part of their digital marketing strategy is a diminished reach on Page posts. This goes beyond big-time brands like Nike and Apple — small businesses and organizations are also subject to changes, potentially compromising years of work generating Likes from loyal customers and supporters.

According to Facebook, these changes were spurred by ever-increasing numbers of Facebook users (including brands) and decreasing News Feed “space,” as the number of posts continues to rise but users’ time spent on the site does not. Translation: Everyone’s got something to say, but not everyone can be heard (unless you pay for an ad, but even then, visibility is questionable).

While avoiding “click-bait” and trendy memes can improve a post’s chance of being deemed worthy of the News Feed, we’ve learned that companies have little control in determining which users — and how many of them — see their posts on social media.

Facebook can be an effective way to engage customers, but we don’t know what the site’s next round of changes may bring. Avoid putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket and diversify your marketing plan to go beyond your Facebook Page. Develop a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram, and create a blog to keep customers and supporters in the loop with company news.

The great thing about digital marketing is that a lot of it can be done using free resources, with the only limitations being the time you have available to manage your efforts. Each Facebook post, tweet, blog post or share to LinkedIn puts up a digital “billboard” for your brand. While every follower may not see every post, the more of these billboards you put up, the more likely your content is to be seen.

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Sarah Griffith is a 2011 graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Journalism-Public Relations. Currently an Account Executive at BubbleLife Media, she has formerly served as a Business Editor and Neighborhood Editor for the company. When out of the BubbleLife offices, Sarah's interests include live music, exploring Dallas and all things PR.