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Marketing: Physical Fitness for Your Business

Marketing for your business may seem like a foreign concept, but it’s important to the growth of your company to keep a consistent plan of action for reaching out to existing and potential customers. Best of all, marketing doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you follow a few basic steps.

Think of marketing like physical fitness for your business. To maintain an optimal physical fitness level, we’re supposed to exercise regularly. Your marketing should be efforts should be “exercised” in the same consistent manner.

Each blog post, social media update or marketing endeavor doesn’t have to be a long, in-depth process; the point is that each step will get your business seen by your target audience — customers, old and new.

By taking a little time in advance to plan your marketing projects, you can create a quality strategy to promote your business or organization. First, make sure your posts are interesting and relevant to your readers. Then, prepare your content to ensure it gets posted in a timely manner.

Beginning a new sale or promotion next week? Go ahead and schedule social media posts to share the information with your followers. On top of that, put together a blog post offering the details of your store’s promotion.

Don’t wait until the last minute and scramble to write a post when you happen to think about it. Instead, make a list of blog topics in advance — planning two for each month — then develop these ideas into articles for your blog. You’ll gain good online visibility for your business through these posts, but with just a couple of posts per month, you’ll retain the ability to stay on top of your marketing plan without feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t forget — just promoting your company on your blog or social media isn’t enough; you must also make sure you’re following up with any business leads that your efforts generate. If you don’t follow up on your leads, it doesn’t matter how stellar your marketing campaign is — you still won’t gain the customer! 

Remember, promoting your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just as you maintain your health with physical fitness, maintain the health of your business by regularly exercising your marketing plan!

Sarah Griffith is Executive Editor of, an Advice Interactive Group product. She’s worked with BubbleLife since 2011, transitioning to Advice during BubbleLife’s acquisition in 2017. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism-Public Relations from Baylor University and has a passion for all things related to content. She has formerly served in multiple roles at BubbleLife, including Digital Marketing Consultant, Account Executive, Business Editor, and Neighborhood Editor, helping expand the company from eight community websites in Dallas-Fort Worth to more than 250 nationwide. When out of the office, Sarah can typically be found listening to live music and engaging in a never-ending hunt for the best queso in Dallas.