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28 July 2013

What Should I Put on LinkedIn?

The primary social media site for use by professionals is LinkedIn.

The site offers opportunities for individuals to network, find jobs and even conduct business, but many people are unsure of what they should post after they get their profiles created.

Here are a few recommendations of good things to post to LinkedIn, which can be of use to others and help promote you and your company:

Links to Articles and Videos About Your Industry that Others Would Find Useful
Do you work in real estate? Posting an interesting article, such as one about market trends, would be good because it not only shows that your are staying up to date with your industry, which enhances the credibility of both you and your company, but the article could also serve as a useful resource to people in your network who are looking for new home. (And hey, by simply posting the article, you are reminding people that you are in that career field so when they are in need of that service, they will think of you!)

Talk About One of Your Contacts Whom You’ve Done Business With Recently
Mentioning the name and/or company of someone you’ve done business with recently can benefit both their company and yours. A post that says, “Check out my new company logo that was created by the graphic designers at Crystal Roznik Creative”, gives exposure to both companies.

Ask Relevant Business-Related Questions to Increase Engagement and Help Keep You and Your Company Top-of-Mind
Periodically posting business-related questions, such as “Does anyone know of a good website developer?” or “Where is the best place to get business cards printed?”, can help increase engagement on your LinkedIn page, keep you and your business at the top of people’s minds, and it may even be a good way to network.

Highlight Interesting Things You Learned at a Career-Related Event
If you are attending a conference that is related to your career field, post one or two interesting pieces of information that could be of use to the people in your network.

Post Updates About Company Milestones
Make sure you don’t come across arrogant about your company’s success on LinkedIn, but it’s important to do self-PR work by letting others know that your company is making waves. Be sure to occasionally mention positive things that have happened in your company, whether it was an outstanding quarter or maybe you are now offering a new service that your contacts would be interested in.

Sarah Griffith is a 2011 graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Journalism-Public Relations. Currently an Account Executive at BubbleLife Media, she has formerly served as a Business Editor and Neighborhood Editor for the company. When out of the BubbleLife offices, Sarah's interests include live music, exploring Dallas and all things PR.