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15 August 2012
Advertising, Branding

How Do Other Small Businesses Market in Dallas?

When your customers watched three local television stations, read one daily newspaper and had a phonebook in the cupboard, it was relatively easy to place an ad that made your business phone ring. Now, with hundreds of stations, thousands of news sites and hundreds of printed and online directories it’s much harder for your ad to have the same impact.

As media has become more and more fragmented it has also become less local. New advertising opportunities don’t deliver the same neighborhood audience that the Yellow Pages once did.  That’s where BubbleLife comes in. Here are a few examples of how we make the phone ring for our clients.

William Briggs, Architect

William has advertised with BubbleLife for over two years and since then has come to rely on BubbleLife as a source of new projects and local word-of-mouth referrals.  BubbleLife keeps William consistently in front of his targeted neighborhood prospects and his previous customers through BubbleLife’s content focused advertising strategy. It also doesn’t hurt that William had BubbleLife redo his website to make sure all that exposure converted web visitors into leads for his business. For William “BubbleLife has been a lifesaver. Their advertising has generated some of my best projects and their marketing work is a part of every sales pitch I make.” To see the website BubbleLife did for William, click

Dr. Aaron Jones, Dentist, Highland Park Dental

Dr. Jones has advertised with BubbleLife for over a year and half.  Highland Park Dental uses BubbleLife to cost effectively raise their neighborhood profile in one of the most competitive dental markets in Dallas. Highland Park Dental uses a combination of advertising to build brand, content to build trust and offers to generate first time patients from the neighborhood. To quote Dr. Jones “BubbleLife is the only thing we’ve tried that has consistently delivered new patients.” To see the news center BubbleLife did for Dr. Jones, click

Eric Devlin, President, Premier Transportation Services, LLC

Eric has been one of BubbleLife’s longest running advertisers. He uses BubbleLife to keep his company name in front of target neighborhoods most likely to generate his best customers. In his own words “As a resident of University Park and a business owner who advertises on BubbleLife, I cannot express how much I appreciate the information I receive as a consumer and the business I receive as an advertiser.  The BubbleLife crew is top notch, assist with all our marketing and analytical needs, and are quick to make economical recommendations for our advertising dollar. Premier routinely earns new business from our neighbors by our relationship with BubbleLife.  I highly recommend BubbleLife – a great place for a neighbor to be!” To see the directory entry and ads BubbleLife did for Eric, click

Want Your Phone to Ring?

If you are interested in advertising that makes your phone ring, give us a call. Our affordable and sales-focused solutions are ideal for maximizing results and minimizing costs. We promise we’ll make it easy.

Jeff is the President and CEO of BubbleLife Media, the publisher of, DFW's largest neighborhood news source, and a leading provider of neighborhood marketing solutions. Jeff has always been a technology entrepreneur including founding and leading one company that ranked 26th on Inc. Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies, held an IPO and sold to McAfee.