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BubbleLife Partner FAQs


What is the relationship between BubbleLife and its Marketing Partners?

BubbleLife Marketing Partners are independent agents are not supervised or monitored by BubbleLife. We make a list of these partners available for your convenience so that you can find a partner that is a good fit for your business and needs.

How do I choose a BubbleLife Marketing Partner?

You can learn about each of our marketing partners in our Partner Directory.

Who owns my customer information?

Whoever pays for the BubbleLife Connect is the owner of its data. That’s why we encourage you to sign up for BubbleLife Connect directly using your own name and payment information. Then, give your marketing partner access or request us to do so for you. Though your marketing partner manages your BubbleLife Connect account for you, the account and information is yours. If you decide to stop working with your marketing partner, you retain all of the content and information stored in your BubbleLife Connect account.

How much does is cost to use a BubbleLife Marketing Partner?

Each Partner has various packages depending on the work provided. Please contact the partner to see their different pricing options.

What can a partner do for me?

BubbleLife Marketing Partners help you grow your business and give you more time in the day. They can assist you with essential marketing tasks like writing and distributing content, sending emails to your customer list and posting to social media. Additional services can be included depending on your needs.

What happens if I want to stop using a BubbleLife Marketing Partner?

Your relationship with your marketing partner is based on the termination agreement between the two of you. If you own your BubbleLife Connect account you can remove your marketing partner from your account.

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