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BubbleLife Partner Benefits

To be effective, local businesses need to use every available digital tool. Content, social media, email and even text messaging all play a valuable role in keeping customer mindshare for clients. BubbleLife offers a unique BubbleLife Partner program that provides specialized tools that help the people and agencies working with local businesses and organizations deliver — and get credit for — superior results for clients.

Who is a BubbleLife Partner?
BubbleLife Helps You Grow Your Agency

In addition to new specialized tools, the BubbleLife Partner program provides exposure to thousands of new clients through BubbleLife’s Partner Directory, which matches local businesses with needed expertise. The Partner Directory is promoted throughout the BubbleLife local news sites and Advice Connect accounts.

BubbleLife Helps You Get Work Done Faster

Faster Ways to Get Things Done

Each of your clients has their own Advice Connect dashboard that you can control for them or with them. Plus, you can easily create new free Advice Connect accounts for your clients.

Better Ways to Get Credit for Results

As a BubbleLife Partner, you’ll have exclusive access to private labeled customer dashboards that you design and present to clients. You can even enable basic tasks, like posting social media, to involve them in the process.

Better Ways to Plan with Clients

Private labeled Insights reports give you the data and summaries you need to review and plan strategy. Then, built-in marketing calendars help you organize and present.

Faster Ways to Manage Multiple Clients

Using your exclusive My Clients dashboard, you’ll be able to see a summary of all your clients and a consolidated plan of upcoming social media and email posts.

More Ways to Add Value to Clients

Using your exclusive My Clients dashboard, you can create seasonal or specialized email templates with the ability to share among clients.

More Ways to Get New Customers

Your free listing in the BubbleLife Partner Directory puts you front and center among local businesses and organizations that need your expertise.

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