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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Dallas, TX (August 31, 2011)

BubbleLife Media Adds New Email Features

Emailing Marketing Tracks Automates Multi-step Emails

DALLAS, August 31, 2011 – BubbleLife Media has added a new feature to its Neighborhood Marketing Center that makes it easier than ever to use email for customer follow-up. “Email Marketing Tracks” enables customers to create a multi-step email campaign that runs on a unique schedule for each recipient. The combination of multiple emails delivered on a recipient-centered schedule makes it possible to take email follow-up to new levels of success.

With Email Marketing Tracks, business owners:

  • Create one or more email messages specifying the time between the delivery of each email.
  • Add recipients to the track either individually, in groups or from a landing page.

Then, recipients start receiving the email messages on the track based on the date they are added.

Sample uses for Email Marketing Tracks include:

  • Following up with new sales inquiries.
  • Launching an upcoming promotion with an automated multi-step campaign.

“Email Marketing Tracks are designed for businesses that receive a steady and constant supply of new leads. Instead of trying to segment email messages based on recency of contact, email marketing tracks make it easy to let automation handle the process.” said Jeff Farris, President of BubbleLife Media.

About BubbleLife Media

BubbleLife Media helps local businesses find and connect to their neighborhood customer. Through®, the largest daily provider of neighborhood news in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, BubbleLife Media delivers the targeted hyperlocal audience that local businesses depend on for loyal and repeat customers. Then, through BubbleLife Connect™, its fully integrated online marketing platform, BubbleLife Media delivers the process, tools and services essential to capture, close and remarket to those customers. For more information about BubbleLife Media, please visit or call 469.617.4155.