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22 July 2013

Why Doesn’t My Advertising Work?

Have you tried advertising but feel like it hasn’t generated any results whatsoever? This could be attributed to several factors.

Reaching the Wrong Audience
If you are a luxury car salesman in Plano, Texas, you want to make sure that high-income residents in your city and neighboring communities see your advertisements, so you need to place your ads in local media where potential clients will most likely be exposed to your message.

If your advertisements haven’t elicited a response, it could be because you are not reaching the correct targeted audience, whether it’s because you have picked too regional of a media platform to reach enough residents in your city, or because you are reaching a local audience that isn’t likely to purchase a luxury vehicle.

Having the Wrong Message
What does your ad say? Is it memorable? Does it have a good call to action?

You need to make sure that your advertisements are written in a way so that they are memorable and encourage people to pick up the phone or send an email and ask about your services. It’s also important that your message resonates with your targeted audience.

Not Remaining Consistent
Many businesses think that if they run an advertisement one time and it doesn’t generate a response, then it doesn’t work and they need to try a different message in a different publication.

When creating an advertising strategy, it’s important to identify your audience, pick a media platform that reaches them, such as and its neighborhood news websites, and then remain consistent with your advertising.

It can take up to 10 exposures of your advertising message before a customer absorbs it, so it’s important to be consistent and not stop advertising, even when the phone starts to ring.

Don’t let yourself think that advertising doesn’t work just because you’ve had bad experiences in the past. Just remember to make sure you reach your targeted audience consistently with a message that resonates well with them.

Sarah Griffith is Executive Editor of, an Advice Interactive Group product. She’s worked with BubbleLife since 2011, transitioning to Advice during BubbleLife’s acquisition in 2017. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism-Public Relations from Baylor University and has a passion for all things related to content. She has formerly served in multiple roles at BubbleLife, including Digital Marketing Consultant, Account Executive, Business Editor, and Neighborhood Editor, helping expand the company from eight community websites in Dallas-Fort Worth to more than 250 nationwide. When out of the office, Sarah can typically be found listening to live music and engaging in a never-ending hunt for the best queso in Dallas.