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26 February 2012

What’s So Bad About Flash on my Website?

100 million iPhones and 50 million iPads.

That’s the estimate for Apple unit sales in 2012 alone. And, Adobe Flash runs on none of them. Those numbers are a large part of the reason Adobe abandoned mobile Flash development last year. Adobe’s announcement means that even the newer non-Apple devices won’t be supporting Flash either such as Google Android-based phones and tablets.

Not only are iPhone, iPad and mobile devices increasing in number, they are also increasing as a percentage of website traffic recently accounting for almost 8% of all Internet traffic. But that number is a little misleading since it is growing so rapidly having doubled from just a few months previously.

But Wait, There’s More Bad News

Not only are Flash websites not supported by mobile devices, they are also not supported by Google search. Google, which analyzes text on a website to determine search engine placement and result rankings, often has little or no textual content to work with on a Flash-based website. Though Flash looks good to users viewing your site on their computer, Flash looks like a blank page to Google.

Want Your Website to Work on iPhones and iPads?

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Jeff is the President and CEO of BubbleLife Media, the publisher of, DFW's largest neighborhood news source, and a leading provider of neighborhood marketing solutions. Jeff has always been a technology entrepreneur including founding and leading one company that ranked 26th on Inc. Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies, held an IPO and sold to McAfee.