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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Dallas, TX (October 25, 2012)

BubbleLife Connect Adds Text Messaging, Mobile Couponing Services

Adds the power of text messaging to local businesses

BubbleLife recently expanded its tool set for retail clients by providing text messaging and mobile couponing services.

“We know that repeat customers are often hard to come by in the retail industry, so we’ve developed a process that will incentivize customers to return to your place of business, whether you have a coffee shop or a dry cleaning business,” Jeff Farris, president and CEO at BubbleLife, said.

To utilize BubbleLife’s text messaging service, retailers are able to gain subscribers’ phone numbers or email addresses through an opt-in process. This list can be accessed when the user wishes to send a text message or email to their clients for a sale, promotion or other event.

“By asking for a customer’s information and subsequently using that information to promote your services, you’re increasing your chances of gaining repeat business,” Farris said. “You’re giving them an incentive to return to your storefront, and we’ve learned that by using text messaging or email, customers will take you up on your offer.”

Learn more about BubbleLife’s text messaging and mobile couponing services at

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