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30 June 2012

Has This Happened to You?

A local business decided to advertise in local print media. The owner had to commit to multiple months and was assured that the media’s distribution and her great ad would generate customers. But after a few months and no calls, she began to wonder:

  1. Did my ad reach the people it needed to reach?
  2. Is the “local” media popular in surrounding neighborhoods but not in mine?
  3. If people saw my ad, were they interested in my type of business?
  4. Did people notice my ad?
  5. Did it convince them to learn more?
  6. Where did they go to learn more?
  7. Did I do enough to differentiate my business from my competitors?
  8. What do I do to make it work?

When traditional advertising doesn’t work you really don’t know where to start.

  1. Was it the publication?
  2. Was it because of your type of business?
  3. Was it the design of the ad?
  4. Was it because of referrals?

But is not your typical local media. Our approach gives you the results and the information you need.

Why Advertise on

At BubbleLife Media, we go to bed every night thinking about how to make your advertising more effective. Our proprietary technology let’s us redefine neighborhood advertising stressing:

1. Targeted Online Neighborhood Audience, with its daily growth in readership, is quickly becoming recognized as the leading provider of neighborhood-specific news in the Dallas metroplex. Every day,’s combination of website, email newsletter, social media sites and mobile products touches thousands of your most valuable potential customers – those within 5 miles of your front door.

Those customers who are most likely to be your best customers, repeat customers and tell their friends and family about your business are those closest to your front door.

2. Comprehensive Multi-Media Approach

Readership is just a part of our story. Rather than rely on “old-fashioned” banner ads alone, we have pioneered a unique approach to neighborhood advertising that puts our advertisers front and center in the neighborhood. Based on your advertising package, we’ll use a combination of banner ads, text ads, newsletter ads, photo-ads, email, articles, social media and your own customer contacts to get your message out to as many people as possible. Plus, our approach makes it easy for all of these people to pass your story along to their friends and family driving improved pass along results.

Worried about how hard it is to do all of this? Don’t be, our technology makes most steps as easy as a click of the mouse.

3. Affordable Pricing’s advertising is designed to generate new business now and in the future through affordable neighborhood branding. With classified solutions starting from just $2/day and full advertising solutions from $10/day , has an advertising solution for any budget.

4. Easy Implementation’s personal and full-service team makes it easy for you to get started and to stay in control of your efforts. We’ll take care of your creative so you won’t need to scout around for graphics or copywriting expertise.

5. Control and Insights

Our proprietary Neighborhood Marketing Center™ with its powerful reporting, integrated email, social media and blogging puts you in control of your advertising. No more wondering if your ads are working, NMC opens up the black box of advertising to let you see everything.

How to Advertise on

There are basic ways to advertise based on your budget and needs:

  1. Classified Ads – For personal services businesses and those with limited revenue needs, our Classified Ads provide limited exposure at a very affordable price.
  2. Business Ads – For professional services and storefront businesses, our business advertising packages provide more exposure designed to attract, engage and inform potential customers.
  3. Sponsorship Ads – For businesses considering postcard drops or that need to maximize their visibility, our site sponsorship ads provide unequalled opportunity to reach neighborhood customers in a “can’t miss” way.

BubbleLife has a solution for any size business. From individual instructors to regional businesses, BubbleLife has the combination of audience and pricing to make your business more successful.


Jeff is the President and CEO of BubbleLife Media, the publisher of, DFW's largest neighborhood news source, and a leading provider of neighborhood marketing solutions. Jeff has always been a technology entrepreneur including founding and leading one company that ranked 26th on Inc. Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies, held an IPO and sold to McAfee.