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Engage your customers to gain valuable feedback.
Surveys should be an essential part of every business’s customer interactions. Surveys help you make sure customers come back and tell their friends. Surveys are a great way to:

  • Follow-up after an in-store visit
  • Follow-up after an appointment
  • Gather feedback on favorite products or services
  • Collect testimonials
  • Identify problems for quick resolution
  • Engage customers as a group in polls
  • Generate interest in new products

Why BubbleLife Connect?

BubbleLife Connect makes surveying simple with the ability to quickly create and launch a survey in minutes. BubbleLife Connect lets you design surveys with different question types, alerts you to results and lets you see a summary or responses. Plus, surveys can be used to build on a contact’s information for future promotions and opportunities.

“Surveys helped us improve the quality of our service.” – Fred Givhan, Computer Troubleshooters

Fully Customizable

  • Multiple question types – text, phone, email, list, multiple choice and star rating
  • Customizable introduction and conclusion text
  • Selectable start and end times
  • Show or hide overall results from participants
  • Enhanced distribution of survey results

Convenient Delivery Options

  • Send by email or by link
  • Send from contact profile
  • Works great on mobile devices
  • Automatic sending from mobile coupons and appointments

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • No HTML or coding required
  • Track responses
  • Automatically receive email alerts of new responses
  • Integrated into BubbleLife Connect’s Insights reporting
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