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Local marketing can be challenging. But, whether it’s expertise or time, BubbleLife has the resources and tools to make your local marketing a success. There are three ways to make the most of your local marketing with BubbleLife and Advice Connect.

1. Self Supported

BubbleLife has put together a wide variety of resources to help you master local marketing. These resources let you do it for yourself or have confidence when choosing or working with marketing professionals. For free, you have access to:

  1. Advice Connect Checklist – On the “tools” page of your Advice Connect account, look for the “Your Checklist” link (next to your email address at the top right of the page.) This walks you through a checklist of items to get your site setup and ready for customers and search engines.
  2. BubbleLife Help – This is our primary documentation and support for leveraging BubbleLife and our content management software, Advice Connect. Here you will find how-to articles on posting submissions and using Advice Connect. To view the help, click here.
  3. BubbleLife TV – This is video support for Advice Connect. Here you will find videos for using Advice Connect. To visit BubbleLifeTV, click here.
  4. Local Marketing Workbook – This workbook walks you through the marketing process using your business and customers as examples to help you completely understand how local marketing works. This workbook takes less than an hour to complete and is extremely helpful no mater which support option you choose. To download the workbook, click here.
  5. Neighborhood Brands – This book helps you better understand local marketing from a high level. In about 30 minutes you’ll understand the ways you can reach out to customers through PR and content. To download the book, click here.
  6. Neighborhood Marketing 101 – This is BubbleLife’s local marketing blog. Here you’ll find numerous articles on local marketing ideas or tips. To read the blog, click here.
“The Local Marketing Workbook is an awesome little book for advertisers to get a hold of.”   Steve Pfister – Director, I’m Local (Australia)

2. Purchase FastConnect and We’ll Get You Started

Local marketing isn’t time consuming after you get things setup. But, if you are starting from scratch, the startup may require more time than you have. BubbleLife’s FastConnect program is designed to get you setup and trained so that you can continue to market with minimal time and effort. For more information on FastConnect, click here.

“I am glad to be part of your Bubblelife family and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the support staff. They are extremely helpful and efficient.” Jean Bateman – Realtor, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

3. Use a Certified Partner

When you want to market but don’t want to take your eye off day-to-day customer needs, a BubbleLife Partner is a great chance to add time and talent to your staff at a very affordable price. For more information, click here.

“This has been the perfect solution for my firm.” William Briggs, Architect
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