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Leads & Contacts (CRM)

Your customer list is your most valuable asset.

Keeping good lead and contact information is the simplest way to grow your business. Good information lets you invite customers back, generate word-of-mouth referrals and maintain mindshare over your competition.

Leads are people who inquire about your business. A quick response to leads separates you from your competitors. Contacts are people you want to stay engaged with for future sales and referrals. Qualified leads become contacts and join your email marketing list.

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect gives you an easy but powerful solution for lead and customer management. With Advice Connect’s leads and contacts you can:

  • Receive instant email notices of new leads
  • Track new leads and ensure follow-ups, even if coordinated among multiple staff members
  • Easily move leads to contacts and retain their lead history
  • View the social media profiles of your leads and contacts (where available)
  • Research leads and contacts through integrated web searches
  • Track tasks and follow-ups on the sales and marketing calendar
  • View complete contact history including email activity, surveys, appointments and more
  • Categorize contacts and target emails by interests
“My customer list is no longer scattered in my inbox. It’s now something that has become an essential selling tool.” – William Briggs, Architect

View the Complete Picture

  • Automatic lookup of social profiles
  • Automatic lead scoring for contacts (tracks and rates activity)
  • See previous inquiry, lead nurturing, survey and appointment history
  • Assign by team member
  • Add tasks and track by team member
  • Add timestamped notes
  • Easily search web for more information

Easy Import & Management

  • Create new leads from your existing website or email
  • Easily move new leads to your contacts list
  • Add new contacts using simple web browser plugin
  • Import leads from spreadsheets, text files or your email address book
  • Update contact information, subscriptions and blog participation
  • Filter and download lists

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • Configure up to 10 custom fields
  • Categorize contacts by custom interests
  • Track email and lead list growth
  • Integrated into Advice Connect’s Insights reporting
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