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Lead Nurturing

Automatically followup with customers using multi-step email or text messages.
The time when customers express interest is the best chance to reach out and close the sale. However, customers may miss your single email follow-up or don’t respond immediately. Automated follow-ups make it more likely customers remember your business and have more information about the services or products that you provide. Lead nurturing is great for:

  • Follow-up after an online inquiry
  • Launching a new service or product
  • Gathering feedback after an appointment
  • Sending multiple reminders for upcoming events
  • Follow-up after a store visit

Why BubbleLife Connect?

With BubbleLife Connect’s automated lead nurturing, you can be confident that customers are followed up with consistently and multiple times to make sure their interest in you isn’t lost. You can create best responses and know that they are delivered reliably on schedule.

“With lead nurturing, I can make sure my best follow-ups get delivered every time.” – Karey Choy, Kotsanis Institute

Fully Customizable

  • Define as many custom messages as you want
  • Deliver each message on its own schedule
  • Add BCC to messages to alert on automated follow-up
  • Define different signatures to allow multi-staff follow-up
  • Send only on selected days of the week
  • Assign start dates
  • Include trackable links for optimization

Automatic Follow-up

  • Automatic start based on web inquiry
  • Automatic start based on a mobile coupon
  • Automatic sending of messages based on each recipient’s schedule
  • Recipients can unsubscribe from messages by themselves

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • No HTML or coding required
  • Link to landing pages and mobile coupons
  • Import new recipients from files or add individually
  • Add new recipients from existing contacts
  • Add or cancel recipients by email
  • Track new sign ups
  • Track activity and unsubscribes
  • Integrated into BubbleLife Connect’s Insights reporting
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