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Directory Listing

Boost your visibility on Google and other search engines.

Directory listings give your business a better web presence by providing structured information to Google, other search engines and customers. Directory listings:

  • List businesses in similar categories and/or similar locations
  • Give people essential information about your business
  • Provide contact information such as phone, email and website
  • Give Google and other search engines insights into the type and location of your business
  • Provide more organic search results to searchers
  • May provide easier access to key information for phone and tablet users

Why Advice Connect?

An Advice Connect directory listing gives you a fully customizable way to boost your online visibility. With your Advice Connect directory listing you can:

  • Integrate your blog posts, Instagram pictures, Facebook page and Twitter feeds all in one place
  • Add additional pages including custom text, calendar listings and downloadable files
  • Always be sure that you are following best practices SEO
  • Add your own custom domain, and use as a PR portal or even a complete website
  • Allow your contacts to post, upload files and more based on what you permit
  • Provide a site that is mobile-ready for phone and tablet users
“Our directory listing helps us showcase our business and boost our search results.” – Teffy Jacobs, Doris Jacobs Real Estate Group

See Directory Listings in Action

Fully Customizable

  • Link Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Choose “widgets” for displaying content
  • Add custom pages for text, files and calendar events
  • Define topics/categories for blogs posts
  • Add your own domain name
  • Already optimized for display on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices

Engages Customers

  • Allow customers to comment, upload and more with assignable rights
  • Provide inquiry form for feeding new leads
  • Completely searchable for blog and calendar posts
  • Provides links to social media accounts and RSS feeds of news posts

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • No HTML or coding required
  • Track campaign and referer information
  • Integrated into Advice Connect’s Insights reporting
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