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29 June 2011
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Yelp! I’ve Got a Bad Review!

Why Doesn’t Yelp Show My Great Reviews? is a marvel of business reviews from everyday customers. I’ve used Yelp many times to locate a restaurant when in an unfamiliar city, and I’m not alone. Almost 50 million people visit Yelp every month. With over 18 million reviews, “Yelpers” have a lot to say about local businesses and sometimes even yours.

Yelp works great for local businesses when the reviews are good, but what if a bad review gets posted?

The first answer that almost everyone tries is to get a friend to post a positive review. But, Yelp figured out long ago that a single glowing review (or maybe even all glowing reviews) from a Yelper was an indication that the review may be “biased”. Yelp employs an interesting and undisclosed filtering algorithm that attempts to detect biased reviews and filter them out. Businesses can still display these filtered reviews but it takes a bit of work.

The best way to get positive reviews posted on Yelp is to regularly encourage all customers to provide their reviews of your business and hope that a few of them are not excluded by Yelp’s bias filters. And of course, the best way to get people to say positive things about your business is to give them a positive experience.

For more information on Yelp’s filtering please visit:

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