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About BubbleLife Local News

Your “real” local news is scattered across hundreds of places online. To keep current, you must visit multiple local online newspapers, fashion blogs, entertainment sites, opinion blogs, school websites, city websites, business websites, church websites, Facebook pages, Mom’s groups and more.
What if you had one place online — a news website — that did all the surfing, hunting and gathering for you? What if this news website made it easy for you to contribute news, announcements, calendar events and classified ads, and helped you get your news out to others?
What if your news website came with a “private local network of neighbors” where you could have discussions or ask for referrals? And finally, what if your community had its own daily email newsletter to summarize your local news? Well,it does! It’s BubbleLife. Click here to find your community news website and email newsletter.

About Community Contributions

Your school, church, sports team, interest group, local business, nonprofit and/or community organization are welcome to contribute BubbleLife’s local news. Your community has the opportunity, at no charge, to be part of BubbleLife’s local news by self submitting announcements, stories, events and even classified ads.
Contributions must be local, interesting and community-oriented.
Click here for an instructional video to learn how to self-submit news. Click here for BubbleLife’s writing guide. For additional support, click here to visit BubbleLife’s help website.
To expand your word of mouth communications, join thousands and sign up for a BubbleLife Connect account. Features include: An online hyper local directory listing, enhanced for SEO; A direct connection to reach multiple BubbleLife communities; Integration to quickly share with our hyper local readers, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; and much more.

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Quality Audience

Erin Schreyer
Park Cities Resident
“BubbleLife allows me to discover my local news, new businesses, social and philanthropic opportunities – not to mention fun ideas for the family!”
BubbleLife’s audience is Female (62%) with children (50%); age 35-45 (48%); income of $100,000 plus (40%); college educated (52%) and postgraduate educated (20%).
Over 250 communities and growing! Find your audience.

Native Advertising

Kenneth Walters
Realtor, Coldwell Banker
“I use BubbleLife to promote my real estate listings and open houses, because most start their new home search online. Native ads and sponsored articles work because they blend in as news. The majority of people who come to my open houses, saw it on BubbleLife.”
Native advertising statistically captures more attention,builds trust and better engagement, without disrupting a readers experience or being over-bearing.
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Digital Advertising

Chris Black
Owner, CB Construction
“For years I’ve used BubbleLife’s local news platform and advertising strategy of combining banner advertising, articles and native ads for local branding and PR. BubbleLife has provided us great exposure and quality leads.”
BubbleLife Advertising combines digital banner ads with native ads providing online,email and social media exposure. Reaching customers, no matter where they spend their digital time.
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Sponsored Articles

Roger Moon
Director, Moody Family YMCA

“BubbleLife has transformed the way we reach the community! We are part of our local news when we announce our youth & adult programs, promote family events and highlight our community outreach projects. It’s easy.”

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