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If you want a local advertising advantage that reaches thousands of potential local customers – every day, become the lead advertiser alongside our local news.

Our BubbleLife audience is:

  • Female (62%), with children (50%)
  • Age 35-55 (48%)
  • Income of $100,000 plus (40%)
  • Predominantly college- and post graduate-educated

Dominate Daily Local Online & Email Exposure
plus Local PR, Content Advertising & SEO Exposure

  • You will “own” the top content ad within the daily email digest. *See 6 in graphic
  • You will exclusively “own” the top banner ad on the news website. *See 1 in graphic
  • You will dominate local PR with 1 monthly article, written by our content team.
  • You will boost SEO with off-site content.
  • You will be recognized and credited for sponsoring your community’s local news.

Like having the only billboard on a popular baseball field, this local recognition leverages multiple touch points.

Content Drives Sales

Content builds authority with Google and other search engines. Content really is king! Without being overbearing and disrupting a customer’s experience, articles written to educate and inform statistically capture more attention and build trust. The sponsorship also includes:

  • A 12-month editorial calendar developed around keyword research and competitor analysis, based on services you offer.
  • 1 monthly local PR article written by BubbleLife’s content team, utilizing SEO best practices. You will approve articles prior to distribution to the local communities online and email viewers.
  • An Advice Connect Local Business Listing to store articles for off-site SEO purposes, creating backlinks and citations for search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Marketing insights to track your advertising progress.

If you are interested contact our sales team at or 469-617-4155.