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BubbleLife Exclusive Community Sponsorship

If you want a strategic marketing advantage that your competition will not be able to do, become our community sponsor. Your company will be positioned as the premier local news sponsor for both the daily email newsletter and online news website for your specific hyperlocal community.

Your local community will identify with your business, as a community partner, every day alongside neighborhood news.  As a modern digital newspaper, delivery is online, in email, on social media and accessible by mobile devices.

Our BubbleLife community audiences are:

  • Hyperlocal
  • 62% female, with children (50%)
  • Age 35-55 (48%)
  • Income of $100,000 plus (40%)
  • Affluent and predominantly college and post graduate educated

Hyperlocal Exposure

Each BubbleLife Community has a daily email newsletter and news website.

  • You will have the native sponsorship ad on the top of every email newsletter.
    • This “text only” ad provides exceptional daily exposure and has an exceptional click through rate if locally relevant.
  • You will have the digital display sponsorship ad across the top of the front page and all interior pages of your selected community News Websites.

Content Distribution and Native Advertising

BubbleLife native advertising blends into our local news as content. Without being overbearing and disrupting a customer’s experience, native advertising statistically captures more attention, builds trust and better engagement. Native ads are viewed as editorial content and have greater potential to be shared, generating virally powered word-of-mouth marketing for advertisers.

Using RSS that is already available from your website, BubbleLife will pick up the title, the first 250 characters of articles that are local, relevant and interesting to our audience. The original link will drive readers to your website to read or view the article in its entirety.  Not only will this build traffic to your blog, get your news into local hands that will share it, but will also work to build local SEO and your authority with Google and other search engines. If RSS is not available, a BubbleLife PR portal will be provided for self submission by your staff and/or agency.

Please feel free to contact us with questions at or call us at (214) 233-0740.

Sponsorship Specs

Native Text Ad (6)

  • This ad is emailed out daily to the community email database in the daily newsletter.
  • This ad is text only and appears at the top of our news content in the daily newsletter.
  • SPECS: Title: 40 Characters with Spacing | Body: 40 Words

Website Sponsorship Ad (1)

  • The wide banner ad is located at the top of the front page and all interior pages of the news website – above the featured articles.
  • SPECS: 1000p x 90 pixels at 72 DPI  


  • Monthly Minimum: $1000
  • Advertiser may select one or an unlimited number of BubbleLife Communities for campaign.