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Public information officers, we know you have a hard job.

What if we told you we could make it easier for you to get important news out in your city and make sure residents and non-residents see the community in a positive light? is the leading provider of neighborhood news in the DFW area, with 150,000 readers, and gives everyone a chance to be heard and seen. Our editorial team is responsible for highlighting interesting people and stories and delivering these stories to folks who love to read them.

At the start of 2014, developed a simple way for the mayor, librarian, animal control officer, police chief, fire captain, city engineer, and city council men and women to have a direct mouthpiece into their community through our Community Profile Initiative.

Each week, we put the neighborhood’s “movers and shakers” in the spotlight, usually in the form of a relaxed Q&A-style interview. You can see an example here. If it’s someone who is well-connected in the community and has a story to tell, we’re happy to give them a platform.

Like all of our other content, these “community spotlights” are included in thousands of email newsletters we send out to our readers daily and are, of course, always accessible on your community’s BubbleLife website.

The great thing about profiles on community pillars is that it benefits everyone:

  1. It helps people in YOUR community get to know the subject AND the city they live in.
  2. If BubbleLife readers know about what you do, they will be more likely to support/contribute to initiatives within the city neighborhood, share on social media, etc.
  3. This type of content is personal, community-specific, relevant, and offers BubbleLife fabulous content! 

Be sure to sign up for your neighborhood BubbleLife e-newsletter so you don’t miss any community profiles or city news. And, if you would like to have a direct pipeline to your city’s residents, partner with BubbleLife by signing up for Advice Connect.

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