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BubbleLife – Reinventing Local News

BubbleLife isn’t your typical local news site!

BubbleLife is reinventing the local news site in almost every way. BubbleLife’s unique technology brings everyone together for one common cause, making communities stronger and fostering new relationships. In short, BubbleLife is changing the way local news contributes to and energizes the local community.

The Local News Reinvented

BubbleLife always has the latest local community news from a wide variety of sources with constant updates around the clock.

The Local Calendar Reinvented

Not only does BubbleLife bring together all the local events, it gives them to you any way you want, including easy import into Outlook, Gmail and even your own website.

The Local Bulletin Board Reinvented

The coffee shop bulletin goes digital with BubbleLife’s free community bulletin board. New bulletins get pushed out to the community, so you’ll always be heard.

The Local Paper Boy Reinvented

We deliver local news 24/7 by website, email and social media. No matter where you want your local news, BubbleLife gets it there.

The Local Opinion Pages Reinvented

In the age of social media, everyone’s opinion gets a chance to be heard, fostering community discussion and involvement.

The Local Journalist Reinvented

BubbleLife brings all the local news together in one place. First, our innovative news search engine rounds up the best local articles. Then, our editors and writers highlight interesting people and stories. Finally, our community contributors provide the latest information.

The Local Alerts Reinvented

When breaking news happens, BubbleLife’s automated email and social media connections go to work to deliver breaking news.

The Local Yellow Pages Reinvented

Local businesses are the lifeblood of any community, and BubbleLife helps every business have a professional digital presence in front of the customers that matter most to them.

The Local Library Reinvented

With hundreds of thousands of articles on file, BubbleLife can be that go-to resource for researching local people, places and events.

The Local Business Reinvented

BubbleLife’s unique Advice Connect platform gives every business a professional digital marketing suite to grow and thrive in a connected world.

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