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Local News in Your Store, Restaurant or Business

If you want to engage customers while they wait, nothing works better than BubbleLife’s local news kiosks. The kiosk displays local news headlines and weather that you can mix with your ads and messaging. BubbleLife local news kiosks work great in your store, coffee shop, restaurant or business.

What’s the Cost?

There is no charge for using BubbleLife’s local news. You supply the hardware and we provide the URL to load in the PC’s browser. You can use either PC or Mac computers.

How do I Add My Own Messages?

You create your message graphics and load them to your Advice Connect account. You can have as many messages as you want and they will be rotated along with local headlines and weather.

Does it Work?

If you’ve ever sat in a waiting room watching standard marketing repeats, then you know how easy they are to tune out. With BubbleLife’s local news, you’ll see much more engagement from customers.

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