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BubbleLife Local News FAQs


How do I choose a BubbleLife Marketing Partner?

You can learn about each of our marketing partners in our Partner Directory.

What are the top 5 reasons to advertise on BubbleLife?

  1. Your ads are featured with neighborhood news that hundreds of thousands already trust and anticipate daily.
  2. Your business is online, where your customers frequent.
  3. Your ads are emailed out daily to thousands of readers.
  4. Your ads are online, as neighborhood billboards, with thousands of people browsing by daily.
  5. Your ads are working for you every day, 24 hours a day, online and by email.

How do I see my ad impressions?

BubbleLife is very transparent and provides each advertiser with 24/7 access to their advertising data.

Each advertiser has a free BubbleLife Account to monitor their advertising impressions (how many times the ads has been shown) and clicks throughs. In addition, an automated report is generated weekly and emailed to the admins of your BubbleLife Account to show a 7 day snapshot.

Instructions to login to your BubbleLife Connect account and to view your stay may be found here: How do I see my BubbleLife advertising stats?

Where did BubbleLife get its name?

BubbleLife started in University Park which together with the town of Highland Park are known as Park Cities. Both cities are surrounded by the city of Dallas, have their own city governments and share a common school system. They are a “bubble” within the city of Dallas. The original BubbleLife site was started to foster community and conversation within the Park Cities.

Circulation: How does BubbleLife build it?

Our readers are your customers and they are engaged in their communities. They want their neighborhood news to be current and available where they want to read it — online and accessible by mobile devices. BubbleLife delivers and they depend on us!

Our circulation is built around movers and shakers in the community. We introduce our social news approach first to community leaders, civic groups, school boards, city officials, volunteers, PTA presidents, and local businesses, and engage them by providing a place to connect the community together in one place — not only find their local news but also to share their neighborhood news.

Is it really free to contribute to BubbleLife?

Yes, we encourage all community members to post to BubbleLife. More reader submissions build a stronger, more engaged community. The best way to contribute is to create a free BubbleLife Connect account. Click here to create your account.

What type of content does BubbleLife post?

Before posting an article, ask yourself three questions: Is this newsworthy? Is this local? Is this relevant? Our approved articles must meet this criteria. To learn more about the content we seek, download our Writing Guide.

If I just want to post articles, why do I need a Advice Connect account?

If you just want to publish one article, a BubbleLife Connect account is not required. But when you plan on contributing on a regular basis, a BubbleLife Connect account makes it easier for you to build a local following. Simply put, BubbleLife Connect is a more effective way to post articles. It grants you a place in our Directory, helping online readers find you. BubbleLife Connect also allows more exposure to Google and other search engines, helping you reach a larger audience.

Why does my story not show up right away?

Once you receive a confirmation email, your article has been approved. However, the story will not immediately appear on the homepage. Our site is constantly cycling in the latest news articles, so it will take an hour or two until you see your story on BubbleLife.

How long does it take for my story to be approved?

Our editorial staff moderates all articles, so this depends on the volume of content received. If you are posting about an event, be sure to submit the story or article with plenty of time to gain exposure. Also, remember that submissions during the weekend or holidays may not be reviewed until the next business day.

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