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BubbleLife Local News FAQs


Is it really free to contribute to BubbleLife?

Yes, we encourage all community members to post to BubbleLife. More reader submissions build a stronger, more engaged community. The best way to contribute is to create a free BubbleLife Connect account. Click here to create your account.

What type of content does BubbleLife post?

Before posting an article, ask yourself three questions: Is this newsworthy? Is this local? Is this relevant? Our approved articles must meet this criteria. To learn more about the content we seek, download our Writing Guide.

If I just want to post articles, why do I need a BubbleLife Connect account?

If you just want to publish one article, a BubbleLife Connect account is not required. But when you plan on contributing on a regular basis, a BubbleLife Connect account makes it easier for you to build a local following. Simply put, BubbleLife Connect is a more effective way to post articles. It grants you a place in our Directory, helping online readers find you. BubbleLife Connect also allows more exposure to Google and other search engines, helping you reach a larger audience.

Why does my story not show up right away?

Once you receive a confirmation email, your article has been approved. However, the story will not immediately appear on the homepage. Our site is constantly cycling in the latest news articles, so it will take an hour or two until you see your story on BubbleLife.

How long does it take for my story to be approved?

Our editorial staff moderates all articles, so this depends on the volume of content received. If you are posting about an event, be sure to submit the story or article with plenty of time to gain exposure. Also, remember that submissions during the weekend or holidays may not be reviewed until the next business day.

Why didn’t BubbleLife cover an event in my community?

Each community has hundreds of great unreported local stories that are impossible for any one organization to showcase fully. To feature as many local stories as possible, we rely on our readers to submit articles and events.

Why don’t I see my calendar event in the newsletter?

Once your event is approved, it can be found on the BubbleLife news site. However, only three to five events are pulled for each newsletter, based on timeliness. Recurring events will not be seen in the community newsletter.

Why does my newsletter contain news that is no longer relevant?

As a news aggregator, BubbleLife pulls in new articles 24/7. However, this means articles may be delivered to your email inbox hours (and sometimes days, depending on your delivery preference) after they are published. Most content BubbleLife shares is considered timely for a few days or even weeks, but breaking news articles may be considered irrelevant after just a few hours.

Why is my story labeled as “Trending or “Hot Topic”?

The “Trending” or “Hot Topic” labels appear on a story when it is getting more views than normal. “Normal” is based on automated calculations of how many views an article should receive based on several factors such as the number of readers in the community.

Can I submit an anonymous opinion article?

BubbleLife invites thoughtful discussion from all readers, even those who choose to remain anonymous. However, to encourage civil conversation, we prohibit anonymous content from slighting individuals or including offensive language. Anonymous content is either approved as it is submitted or rejected. BubbleLife will not edit or alter anonymous submissions.

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