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What Does a Mature Marketing Effort Look Like?

We are often asked what should I be doing for marketing? The short answer is “as much as you have time and budget for” with the mature marketing plan look something like diagram below. But, before you panic or turn away, you need to remember that BubbleLife has built its whole technology platform around delivering […]

18 July 2012

Unhappy Customers Never Go Away

A few years ago when a customer had a bad experience they told their friends and the story typically ended there. The cost to the business was the loss of one customer and a few of his or her friends. For businesses with a large number of customers, the loss of a few customers was […]

11 April 2012

Facebook vs. Email

Facebook and email both serve the same purpose – they help keep your business in front of customers. But each has its own pros and cons and limited time can deter many businesses from making the best use of each. Here’s a quick run down of the two. Facebook Pros Easy to compose and distribute […]

What is a Neighborhood Marketing Center?

Editors Note: The Neighborhood Marketing Center has been renamed BubbleLife Connect. My son is on Facebook everyday and never on email. I’m on email all the time and seldom on Facebook. My wife surfs the web each morning to find her news. My brother-in-law doesn’t surf the web but uses Twitter to keep up with […]

31 May 2011

Email Dominates Sharing of Online Content

A recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies shows that email still dominates sharing between friends, family and co-workers. The breakdown was as follows: Email – 86% Facebook – 49% Telephone – 25% Mail – 9% Twitter – 4% Blog – 3% LinkedIn – 2% “Social media has opened up new opportunities […]

27 May 2011
Social Media

Why You Should Never Hire a “Social Media Expert”

I was going to write an article on why approaching social media as a standalone endeavor always fails. But this article from Peter Shankman sums it up better than I ever could. His conclusion couldn’t be more spot on: “Social media is not “cool.” MAKING MONEY IS COOL. Social media is simply another arrow in […]

24 February 2011
Social Media

5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page a Flaming Disaster

With the majority of customers now on Facebook, the desirability of using Facebook to help market your business seems like an easy decision. But before cranking up your Facebook marketing, give some careful thought to these reasons why a Facebook business page can actually turn away your customers. Using Too Seldom – If customers visit your […]