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Case Study – William Briggs Architect
William Briggs, Architect

New lead generation practically overnight


Contractors & Architects


William Briggs, a noted architect, had been designing new homes in the Park Cities and North Dallas for almost 20 years. Until the downturn, he had successfully relied on word-of-mouth referrals from previous clients and builders.


William Briggs, ArchitectWhen the economic downturn hit, everyone associated with the housing market felt the devastation. William found that what little work was available was highly competitive, with as many as 6-10 other architects asking for the job. He needed a new approach.


William contacted BubbleLife looking for something that would make up for the lost referrals and give him a competitive edge. With money tight, BubbleLife designed an affordable strategy that:


From the very beginning, BubbleLife’s solution started providing much needed results. Within 24 hours of launching his new website, William received his first lead. Within the first month, the advertising campaign started generating new leads. Over the next three months, the content helped him close business for larger fees. The combination of website, advertising and content helped William get through the worst of the downturn.

BubbleLife Connect’s unique weekly Insights Report helped William to begin targeting his articles, kept him up-to-date with the latest results, and provided direction on when to change his advertising. BubbleLife’s affordable solution is now a consistent part of his marketing efforts and delivers new word-of-mouth referrals from a much broader audience.