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Case Study – CB Construction

CB Construction

From zero to multiple customer leads per month


Contractors & Architects


CB Construction offers design and building expertise to transform architectural ideas into impressive results. Chris Black, of CB Construction, came to BubbleLife as a referral from another BubbleLife client, who assured Chris that he could attract a customer base worthy of his company’s excellent work.


Chris had grown frustrated with his marketing efforts. His website hadn’t generated any leads for over a year, and his email efforts were sporadic because his email tool, Constant Contact, required too much time to create newsletters. On top of that, he was hearing from many “marketing experts” that Facebook was the new MySpace but he didn’t want to follow the latest fad only to not see any results. For someone who prides himself on staying on top of his projects, Chris felt his own marketing project had fallen off track.


CB Construction
BubbleLife Media worked with Chris to identify an affordable approach that would put his marketing project back on track. This plan consisted of improving his exposure to potential customers, generating new leads from his website, and inspiring word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers—while reducing the time he was spending on marketing. In short, he was able to generate more customers with less effort. BubbleLife helped accomplish this by:

  • Redesigning his website to better showcase his previous work, and focus the site on the capture of a lead.
  • Implementing a neighborhood marketing strategy with local advertising that gets his name in front of potential customers.
  • Creating content through Advice Connect  helped Chris communicate his unique selling propositions – which could be easily repurposed into his newsletters, website and Facebook content.
  • Creating a custom email template that gave his email marketing efforts a professional look.
  • Launching a Facebook page that served to strengthen ties to prior customers, and provide an easy place to post photos.


Within the first week of launching his redesigned website, Chris received his first lead in over a year. With the integrated advertising, content and email strategy, Chris now generates several high quality leads a month.

Chris’s marketing efforts are now all centralized in his Advice Connect Account. This integration keeps his monthly costs low, and his results consistent. Plus, the weekly Insights Report generated from his Advice Connect Account lets Chris stay on top of his “marketing project” with the same level of detail he delivers to his customers.