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Website Analysis & Monitoring

Make sure your website is ready for Google and visitors.

Your website is one of your most important assets. It’s your front door to your web visitors. But a website that doesn’t work or isn’t being found by Google closes the door on new customers before they even contact you.

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect provides essential tools to make sure your website is ready for visitors, Google and other search engines. Advice Connect helps you answer:

  • Is my website up and running 24×7?
  • Is my website following best practices for Google and customers?
  • Is my website optimized for mobile visitors?
“Advice Connect’s website monitoring gives me peace of mind know that my website is up.” – Fred Givhan, Partner I.T.

Test Your Website for Best Practices

  • Lead capture options
  • Oversized images
  • Mobile presentation
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Broken links
  • And more…

Test Your Website Availability

  • Tested every 30 minutes
  • Test home page and interior page
  • Optional alerts by email and text message
  • Test for searchability by Google and other search engines
  • Monitor load times
  • Review history
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