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Text Messaging

Be sure and reach customers with a 98% open rate.
Text messaging has become a part of almost everyone’s life and, for local businesses and non-profits, it offers an exceptional way to get your message out in a hurry and ensure almost universal viewing. Text messaging lets you send:

  • Promotions and special offers
  • Important information and alerts
  • Announcements of new products or services
  • Helpful articles to maintain mindshare and interest
  • Changes in locations or phone numbers
  • Lists of upcoming open houses
  • Meeting announcements
  • Requests for contributions or donations

Why BubbleLife Connect?

BubbleLife Connect makes it easy to work with one or more text message lists through dedicated phone number signups. With BubbleLife Connect, there are no shared signup codes. You get a simple-to-use phone number, which can you use reliably in all of your marketing.

Fully Customizable

  • Choose the phone number you want
  • Create one or more lists to target different types of customers
  • Set your own welcome message
  • Easily integrate with mobile-optimized surveys
  • Easily integrate new subscribers from mobile coupon efforts

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • Instant phone number provisioning
  • Track subscriber growth
  • Integrated into BubbleLife Connect’s Insights reporting
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