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Reporting & Insights

Know what’s working to save money and get more results.

The fastest way to cut your marketing costs in half is to double the results you get. But online marketing requires experimentation to learn what works best for your business. Good reporting lets you review:

  • Readership results
  • Advertising results
  • Customer quality
  • Social media successes
  • Email readership and unsubscribes
  • Website and Adwords activity

Plus, good reporting lets you view data over time to spot trends, compare time periods and put things together in an integrated way so you can see how one effort affects others.

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect’s integrated reporting and insights are critical to online success. Reporting lets you:

  • Determine the best articles and headlines for your content efforts
  • Know which advertisements and messaging works best to generate leads
  • Know which campaigns generate the best customers
  • Monitor your growth in social media followers
  • Monitor your growth in email and text subscribers
  • Compare time periods to see trends
  • Watch the impact of marketing and Adwords efforts on your website and leads
“I love the reporting! We are able to provide such great feedback on performance for our clients.” – Rebecca Downing, Haley Brand Intelligence

Integrates Everything

  • Brings together reporting from every aspect of your efforts
  • Track external campaigns and blog articles
  • Track Google Analytics and Adwords activities

Customizable Reporting

  • Efforts are summarized at a high level
  • Drill down results to details
  • Compare time periods

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • Most reporting automatically setup
  • Automated weekly summary reporting
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