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PR & Blogging

Share your story to generate interest and new customers.

Public relations, or PR, has long been a reliable way of getting new customers. On the Internet, PR is much more than just issuing a press release and hoping someone prints it. Internet PR uses storytelling, or blogging, to get your message in front of customers through your website, search engines, social media and online publications.

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect provides an easy-to-use blogging platform that helps you get your message out to the widest possible audience. And, with links to BubbleLife’s local news sites, Advice Connect easily pushes your message out to more local readers through the news websites, email newsletters and BubbleLife’s own social media accounts. Advice Connect’s PR and blogging platform makes it easy to:

  • Write stories online or through your favorite offline blogging tools
  • Add one or more photos to your story that are easily shared on Pinterest
  • Track views and article readership
  • Display your stories on your website automatically
  • Sync your stories with your WordPress blog
  • Distribute your story to all of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with just a few clicks
  • Email your story to your contacts list
  • Showcase your stories on your BubbleLife Directory Listing
  • Allow readers to add comments or comment through Facebook
“Advice Connect is a valuable resource that really helps demonstrate the power of content.” – Theresa Lewis, Doctors Hospital

Fully Featured

  • Full-featured, web-based online editor
  • Compose messages and leave in draft mode for fine-tuning before release
  • Select a topic and tags for improved searching
  • Select author name when composing for others

Advanced Capabilities

  • Schedule distribution online, through social media and email at a later date
  • Include reader surveys
  • Include Google retargeting scripts for advanced Google Adwords
  • Check off key SEO terms in story content

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • No HTML or coding required
  • Automatically mobile phone and tablet ready
  • Create new articles from previous ones
  • Track views
  • Track Google search activity
  • Integrated into Advice Connect’s Insights reporting
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