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Phone Call Tracking

Use your phone to save money on advertising.

Knowing where your phone calls are coming from is the best way to know what advertising works best and what’s growing your business. A phone tracking number is provided to customers in an advertisement or brochure and automatically forwards to your regular phone number. Your staff can’t tell the difference, but you’ll know instantly where calls are coming from. A tracking phone number is a great way to:

  • Identify the source of inbound phone calls
  • Quantify the actual results of print or digital advertising
  • Know the quality of the leads generated
  • Track outcomes from phone calls
  • Record phone calls for quality monitoring
  • Create local phone numbers in multiple area codes

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect makes it easy and affordable for you to create multiple tracking numbers to track ads or make your business look larger by creating phone numbers in multiple city area codes. You can create local or toll-free numbers and get complete reporting of call details, caller ID and optionally record the calls for later playback.

“We use tracking phone numbers on just about everything we do. They more than pay for themselves by eliminating wasted advertising.” – Beverly Kotsanis – Kotsanis Institute

Fully Customizable

  • Choose your number from a long list of options
  • Choose from area codes in and out of your area
  • Toll-free number options available
  • Record phone calls

Works with Your Phone System

  • Route incoming calls to any of your existing phone numbers
  • Staff see original phone number and caller information
  • No difference in call quality

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • Add new phone numbers at any time with instant setup
  • Instant email alert of new phone calls
  • Track caller phone number and caller ID
  • Track number of phone calls by campaign
  • Integrated into Advice Connect’s Insights reporting
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