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Lead Scoring

Know when customers are ready to buy before they do.

As customers begin researching your business, they start giving you signals. They open more of your emails, click on links, fill out landing pages and ask you questions. Leads with more activity show you this month’s best opportunities. Lead scoring is great for:

  • Identifying your best opportunities from hundreds or thousands of contacts
  • Knowing a contact’s interests before you contact them
  • Learning which messages are working best with different types of customers

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect’s lead scoring gathers up all of this information for each of your contact profiles. Then, it scores them on a scale of 0 to 5 based on their actions. Lead scoring works automatically without requiring any special setup. Just post articles, send emails and watch the results. Advice Connect’s lead scoring is the simplest way to know what your customers are interested in.

“I’ve used other lead scoring solutions, but nothing has worked better at identifying my best leads than Advice Connect.” – Gayle Haley, Haley Brand Intelligence

Automated Scoring

Lead scoring is based on a contact’s activities. There is nothing to configure or setup. The more emails you send and the more links there are in the emails for contacts to click, the better your lead scoring becomes.

Real-Time Opportunities

Lead scoring is heavily influenced by date, so leads that were hot six months ago don’t keep showing up as you best opportunities.

Complete Contact Picture

Use lead scoring along with other integrated contact information, such as social profiles, surveys, appointments and inquiries to learn more about your customer before your first call, even if the previous tasks were performed by other staff members.

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