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Email Marketing

The most effective way to reach your customers.

Second only to text messaging, email is the most reliable way of reaching your customers. Email marketing lets you send:

  • Promotions and special offers
  • Important information and alerts
  • Announcements of new products or services
  • Helpful articles to maintain mindshare and interest
  • Changes in locations or phone numbers
  • Lists of upcoming open houses
  • Meeting announcements
  • Requests for contributions or donations

Why Advice Connect?

Advice Connect provides an easy and pain-free way to use email as a routine part of your marketing. Plus, it integrates email into your contact history so email becomes a great way to gauge customer interest and determine your best opportunities.

“Advice Connect has greatly simplified email sending for our clients.” – Rebecca Downing – Haley Brand Intelligence

Easy Creation

  • Create articles and quickly turn them into emails
  • Preview, test and schedule delivery
  • Add your photos
  • Create your own templates for a custom look

Integrated with Contacts

  • Track opens and clicks
  • Track unsubscribes
  • Send to all contacts or selected groups
  • Import from any file source

Easy Setup & Tracking

  • No HTML or coding required
  • Track email reputation to improve deliverability
  • Compare email blasts for best results
  • Integrated into Advice Connect’s Insights reporting
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