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More Advice Connect Features

Advice Connect is continually improving and expanding to offer additional features that help your business grow. Some features are targeted at touching customers while others make it easier and faster for you to get marketing done. Here are some additional cool features in Advice Connect.

Activity Stream & Notes

A built-in activity stream gives you important updates on new sign ups and changes and lets you add your own notes when you make changes.

CRM Forwarding

If you are already using your own CRM system for contacts, you can use the built-in forwarding capabilities to send new leads to your existing tool.

Consistency Grading

A simple built-in letter grade shows you in an instant if you, or your staff, are staying up with your marketing efforts. A letter grade of “A” means that everything is up-to-date and you are consistently using marketing to grow your business.

QR Code Generator

QR codes make it easy for mobile users to access web URL’s without having to type them on their phone. With the built-in QR code generator you can create QR codes for in-store displays and signage.

Sales & Marketing Calendar

When you have more than a few activities going, it is easy to get lost in the detail. The built-in Sales & Marketing Calendar gives you a complete picture of all your efforts at a glance.

URL Shortening

A built-in URL shortener makes it easy to take long URLs and make them easy to add to tweets and articles. Plus, the destination URL for a shortened link may be changed later, if needed, and is fully tracked so you know if the source and count of the clicks.