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Your Free Advice Connect Account Gets Your Word Out!

The news websites and daily email newsletters offer a free local PR network for your business or organization. Advice Connect makes it easier than ever to get your news and events out to our neighborhood readers.

Besides making PR simpler, Advice Connect integrates social media, reporting and optional email and text messaging into one simple solution. Think of Advice Connect as Constant Contact®, HootSuite®, HubSpot® and PR Newswire® wrapped together in one targeted locally-focused product.

Time Saving Improvements

  1. Post article and events to your neighborhood news website and daily email newsletter
  2. Recommend other neighborhoods for your article or events
  3. Schedule articles for release at a specified time
  4. Transition easily between volunteers and staff with standardized tools and one login
  5. Manage multiple accounts for different organizations or businesses
  6. Upgrade for more integrated features such as email, automated marketing tracks and text-messaging – only $20.

Social Media Benefits

  1. One-click distribution to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  2. Automate social media posts for release at a specified time
  3. Track engagement of social media posts
  4. Chart social media follower growth.

Publicity Gains

  1. Reach over 150,000 local visitors, subscribers and followers
  2. Consolidate your content and announcements in a single place
  3. Gain better exposure on Google and other search engines
  4. Report on readership and activity.