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27 August 2013

Tips For Your Website’s Homepage

We often tell people that their marketing ends at their business’ website, and that’s where their sales pipeline begins. Your website should be working to help you generate business. Website not bringing in business? Check to see if your website follows best practices: Tip 1 – Explain what your business does on the front page. […]

20 August 2013

Glossary: Common Terms in Social Media and Advertising

Awareness — The ability of a random customer to identify a business by name and product or service. B2B — Business-to-business. A term used when one business sells goods or services to other businesses. B2C — Business-to-consumer. A term used when a business sells goods or services to individuals. Banner Ad — An advertisement that runs on a website or in a newsletter […]

11 August 2013
Lead Management

How to Track Web Leads

Often times, new leads go to an inbox and good customer follow-up must compete with every other email received that day. After you’ve spent all that effort to get a lead, shouldn’t that lead deserve some special attention? BubbleLife Connect’s lead tracking feature gives you the ability to easily track new leads, their source and […]

6 August 2013

What Should I Put on Pinterest?

So you want to get a Pinterest. Or rather, your business does. It’s a good move. The more visual content you’ve got floating around on the web promoting your goods and services, the more opportunities you have to direct potential customers back to your storefront or online store. Pinterest is a great tool because of […]

28 July 2013

What’s A Blog?

A blog is a website where one or multiple users contribute content relating to a certain interest, field or area of expertise. Blogs can be used for personal or business purposes, but they should always contain content that is updated on a regular basis with relevant, useful information. Blogs are the place for you to […]

28 July 2013

Should I Blog?

Creating a blog for your business or organization is never a bad idea. We recently posted a blog post titled “Where Can I Get News About My Business Published?” where I  shared the value of creating your own content. Blogs and content go hand in hand. Here’s why: Getting your content published in media outlets […]

What is Content Repurposing?

So, you write an article. You’ve concluded that it’s interesting, informative and beneficial to existing and potential clients. Now what? Once you’ve distributed an article, it’s easy to forget about the work you’ve already done and move on to the next project in your marketing strategy. However, you’ve already put in the effort to create […]

28 July 2013

What is CPM?

The abbreviation CPM is an advertising term that stands for “cost per thousand impressions” and is used to compare the cost of reaching potential customers. In online advertising, an impression is when an ad is displayed to a person on a webpage. So, if a person is viewing a webpage that has your ad somewhere […]

28 July 2013

What is CTR?

One way to determine how successful an online advertising campaign has been is by looking at its Click Through Rate or CTR. CTR is a measurement of the amount of times your ads have been clicked on. To calculate a single ad’s click through rate, you must divide the number of clicks by the amount […]

28 July 2013

What Should I Put on Twitter?

Let’s start with the basics: your Twitter bio (which can be only 160 characters or less) should include your business’ city and a very brief description of what the company does. Like we’ve discussed before, include relevant keywords in your bio so that if a customer were to search “plumber Dallas family owned,” for example, […]