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Allen Local News Advertising Plan

If you want a local advertising advantage that reaches thousand of daily online readers that your competition will not be able to reach, become an advertiser alongside our local news – every day.

Our Allen audience is:

  • Female (62%), with children (50%)
  • Age 35-55 (48%)
  • Income of $100,000 plus (40%)
  • Predominantly college- and post graduate-educated

What’s Included?

Online and Email Native Advertising

BubbleLife native advertising blends into our local news as content. Without being overbearing and disrupting a customer’s experience, native advertising statistically captures more attention, builds trust and better engagement. Native ads are viewed as editorial content and have greater potential to be shared, generating virally powered word-of-mouth marketing for advertisers.

  • 1 Online Native Ad on Local News (See 5 in Graphic)
    • Displayed online in rotation with other advertisers
  • 1 Email Native Ad on Local Newsletter (See 7 in Graphic)
    • Emailed daily to a portion of email subscribers in the local database for your selected community.
    • Displayed online in rotation with other advertisers
  •  Specs: Title: 40 Characters including spaces | 40 Words

Digital Advertising

Digital banner ads consistently remind locals that you are open and accepting business. These “browse by” billboards on BubbleLife News Websites brand businesses as locally prominent.

  • 1 Leaderboard Ad on News Website – 728p x 90 pixels at 72 dpi (See 3 in Graphic)
    • This above-the-fold location will rotate with other advertisers on the news website front page and interior pages.
  • 1 Side Bar Ad on News Website – 336p x 75 pixels at 72 dpi (See 4 in Graphic)
    • This ad is in a permanent location on the front page side bar. Placement changes with page refresh.

Content Advertising

Content gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and position yourself as an expert. People don’t want to be sold — they want to make a smart buying decision. With our distribution engine, you will reach new and past customers online, in email and on social media, all while building your authority on Google and other search engines. 

  • Guaranteed distribution for one self-submitted article monthly to selected advertising communities.
  • A PR portal for content (articles & events) self-submission, enhanced SEO, and view monitoring.

Advice Connect Our BubbleLife Business Directory Listing

The Advice Connect Business Directory serves as a hyperlocal business resource for communities within the network. Your business will benefit from local visibility, SEO enhancement and easy access to our content distribution engine.

If you are interested in advertising on the Allen BubbleLife news website and its companion daily email digest,  contact our sales team at or call 469-617-4155.