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Hyperlocal Content & Advertising is the only modern digital newspaper that is read and shaped by individual communities. With more than 250 community-focused editions, delivers hyperlocal news online, in email, and through social media – on a daily basis.

For our partners, BubbleLife provides content distribution alongside hyperlocal news to power local search dominance with backlinks, SEO enhancement and hyperlocal visibility. Our native and digital advertising opportunities travel digitally where consumers read their local news – online, in email, and/or on a mobile device. Print may be out of favor, but local news is not!

Our audience is the “hard-to-reach” segment that is educated, affluent and considered “movers and shakers” in their community. Demographically, our readers align with many advertisers’ most sought after audiences:

  • Female (62%) with children (50%)
  • Age 35-55 (48%)
  • Income of $100,000 plus (40%)
  • College Educated (52%)
  • And Postgraduate Educated (20%)
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Hyperlocal Native Advertising

BubbleLife native advertising blends into our local news as content. Without being overbearing and disrupting a customer’s experience, native advertising statistically captures more attention, builds trust and has better potential to be shared, generating virally powered word-of-mouth.

Hyperlocal Content

Content gives you the opportunity to share your client’s knowledge and expertise within our news network to build backlinks and authority on Google and other search engines. Our distribution creates hyperlocal exposure for consumers to find alongside their local news online, in email and on social media.

Hyperlocal Digital Ads

Digital banner ads consistently remind locals that your clients are open and accepting business. These “browse by” billboards on BubbleLife news websites brand businesses as locally prominent.

Get Started with a Hyperlocal Business Listing

One way or another, consumers start in search. Click here to boost your client’s SEO and hyperlocal visibility with a hyperlocal business listing. The BubbleLife Business Directory serves as a neighborhood resource to thousands living in our BubbleLife network.