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BubbleLife – Media Kit Highlights

Having local communities identify with your brand is a tremendous strategic advantage. BubbleLife provides advertisers the ability to build mindshare with consistent visibility that reaches far into local communities.

Our unique approach of combining local news, online digital display advertising and mobile advertising by email provides a level and quality of digital exposure that other locally focused newspapers, magazines, websites and media can’t provide. BubbleLife Advertising reaches customers no matter where they spend their digital time.

Key Points 2022 *

  • 757,515 website readers
  • 33.4% new readers
  • 66.6% returning readers
  • 25,609,948 email newsletters sent
  • 79,828 email newsletter subscribers
  • 7,210,592 monthly ad impressions


  • female (62%) with children (50%)
  • age 33-55 (48%)
  • income of $100,000+ (40%)
  • college educated (52%)
  • postgraduate educated (20%)

*Numbers do not include social media or newsletter viewership.


Our circulation is built around the movers and shakers in our individual communities. We strategically introduce our social news and communication approach to community leaders, civic groups, school boards, city officials, volunteers, PTA presidents, and local businesses and engage them by encouraging community news contributions. We generate participation by providing somewhere they can connect locally in a single place — to not only find their local news, but to also share it.

Multi Media Exposure

Each of our communities has an email newsletter, which serves as a daily digest of new articles published from your last 24-hour news cycle.

Each of our communities has a news website, which provides a communication hub for the community to contribute and find their news in real time.

Every package includes native text ads that are emailed out daily in your area’s email newsletter and online banner ads that are displayed on your area’s news website.


Content is one of the best ways to relate to customers, search engines and other players in the digital ecosystem. Advertisers are invited to submit content via Advice Connect to our editors for consideration for distribution.

Advice Connect is a full content management system with a direct link into

Intense Local Visibility

BubbleLife has fewer advertisers to compete with than larger media players, giving our advertisers better opportunity for conversions. Our ads are much more local and can be segmented to a specific audience.

BubbleLife provides online and email exposure to thousands of people daily by leveraging the popularity of local news and our unique Hyperlocal News Platform.

BubbleLife’s daily email newsletters, online news websites and native ad opportunities, showcased alongside local news, give advertisers a community focused strategic advantage to build mindshare in high-quality local audiences.

As people become more fragmented among various online destinations, the only real constant is where they live.  BubbleLife gives advertisers the one place they can reliably connect with their local customers.

Here’s why your business should be on BubbleLife:

  1. #1 local news source – now in 250 local neighborhoods across the United States
  2. Touches over 79,000 unique people daily
  3. Delivers over 5 million quarterly impression opportunities
  4. Multi-media audience through web, email, social media, content platforms and more.
  5. Mobile- and tablet-optimized content and advertising through responsive websites and mobile designed email


  • Site Sponsorships start at $1,000 per month per neighborhood
  • Advertising Plans start at $250 per month per neighborhood
  • Pop Up Advertising Plans start at $1,000 per month per neighborhood


  • Site Sponsorship – 1092 pixels wide x 90 pixels high.
  • Wide Banner Ad – 768 pixels wide x 90 pixels high.
  • Small Banner – 336 pixels wide x 90 pixels high.
  • Tower Ad – 336 pixels wide x 600 pixels high.
  • Pop Up Ad – 1024 pixels wide x 1024 pixels high.
  • Text Ad – Composed of a headline, body text and a destination link. The headline should be fewer than
  • 60 characters. The body text should be fewer than 140 characters.Multiple versions of all ads may be submitted for A/B testing at no extra charge.

    Did You Know?

    • BubbleLife is one of the 5 largest national networks of local news sites.
    • If ranked nationally, BubbleLife would rank in the top 20 in digital newspaper delivery.
    • Online news consumption rose sharply the last two years, following the rapid spread of digital platforms. In fact, online was the only category of news that showed growth in Pew Research Center’s 2012 News Media Consumption survey.
    • In 2012, 39% of respondents got news online or from a mobile device “yesterday,” up from 34% in 2010.
    • The top 25 news sites in the U.S. grew 7.2% from the prior year. BubbleLife grew over 120%.
    • Local digital ads grew 22% in 2012, to $19.9 billion, according to Borrell Associates.

    Source: Pew’s State of the Media 2021