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BubbleLife Native Advertising

Hyperlocal Advertising on Steroids: Here’s Why!

The buzz in digital media today is native content advertising. It’s a paid ad that looks like an article and blends with other content. The reader believes that it belongs just like any other news article on the page. With BubbleLife, a native text ad is included in every package, providing a natural content advertising experience.

On desktops and mobile devices such as iPhones, smart phones, tablets and iPads, BubbleLife’s stream of hyperlocal news for a specific community is the focus.

Our unique approach of combining local news, native content advertising, online digital display advertising and article distribution online, by email and social media provides a level of quality digital exposure that other locally-focused newspapers, magazines, websites and media can’t provide. BubbleLife Advertising reaches customers no matter where they spend their digital time. Is your local advertising a multi-prong approach that is responsive on mobile devices with daily exposure?

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