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29 June 2011
Online Directories

Yelp! I’ve Got a Bad Review!

Why Doesn’t Yelp Show My Great Reviews? Yelp.comĀ is a marvel of business reviews from everyday customers. I’ve used Yelp many times to locate a restaurant when in an unfamiliar city, and I’m not alone. Almost 50 million people visit Yelp every month. With over 18 million reviews, “Yelpers” have a lot to say about local […]

24 June 2011

Your Customer is Up – Is Your Website?

Have you ever been asked for your phone number and you go blank? Most of us don’t call ourselves very often and those that do usually just get a busy number – go figure. A business website is a lot like our own phone number, we expect others to use it, but seldom use it […]