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One of the best ways to capture a local customer’s attention is through written content. By creating interesting, informative and engaging content, you can connect with your customers on a personal level.

Professionally written hyperlocal content placed in a “native environment” such as BubbleLife local news statistically performs better than any other form of advertising because it blends into its surroundings. BubbleLife content advertising engages readers without being disruptive, subtly influencing buying decisions.  

BubbleLife’s content team is experienced in writing local news that gets views. For your business, our team will produce interesting and informative articles that softly influence readers to become customers. A solid content strategy combined with the editorial, marketing and SEO experience of our team will power your local word of mouth marketing efforts and build your reputation as a local industry expert.

Every BubbleLife community has a news website (, daily newsletter and social media pages. These resources will be utilized to extend content distribution for your articles.

Premium Sponsored Content Distribution plans begin at $2,400 for 12 months.

Premium Sponsored Content Distribution includes:

  • A 12-month editorial calendar developed around keyword research and competitor analysis, based on your industry and services.
  • 12 articles written by our in-house content team.
  • A BubbleLife Local Business Listing to store articles for off-site SEO purposes, creating backlinks and citations for search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Distribution of articles monthly to one BubbleLife community.

Our Process:

  • A 12-month editorial calendar will be developed prior to the production of content. You will review and approve topics.
  • Articles will be written by BubbleLife content writers and published to your BubbleLife local business listing monthly. You will approve completed articles before they are published.
  • Upon approval, your articles will be distributed one time as news to BubbleLife’s online news website viewers and daily email newsletter subscribers within your selected advertising community. In addition, your article will be posted to the corresponding BubbleLife community Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Our team will schedule a quarterly review meeting to monitor progress and topics.

Please feel free to contact us with questions at or call us at 469-617-4155.