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Are Search Engines Able to Find My Business? Find Out Now!

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The default today is search. New business prospects either start or end with search to find a service or to determine if a business is viable. If customers can’t find your business during their search, your business is doomed.

Our parent company Advice Interactive Group, specializes in local SEO and online visibility. To be successful in search results, attention must be paid to your physical location name, address, phone number, website and more.

Location data is critical to search because a business will be left out if people can’t find it.  Think about where consumers go for information online and how they actually engage with search.  They search from their desktop computer, from their mobile phone or from a voice device. The essentials are Google, Yelp, Bing and Apple for obvious reasons but there are a host of others that search engines use for indexing to determine how to rank.

What are Search Engines Looking For?

Consistency and  Relevancy – Is this business’s location name, address, phone and website correct and accurate.  If not, this hiccup can keep your business low in rankings and cause your competition to rank higher.

How You Can Easily Improve Your Local SEO

One of the smartest ways to boost SEO for your business is with listing management services by Advice Local. With an easy to use dashboard, your business location data is properly submitted to search engines, business listings, social sites and high value directories – in real time!

BubbleLife recommends the Real Time Accelerator Package with is priced at $20 per month with a $158 set up fee.  For more information, please email